Our Families

We are pleased to introduce you to some of the families we have had the honor of spreading JOY to!
If you know a child that could benefit from Jordan’s Joy, please contact us here. 
Meet Kayden!
jjshirtKayden is an adorable, spunky 6 year old boy currently fighting Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He is a brave strong big brother to Grayson and Addison, and always has a big smile on his face! Kayden was just diagnosed in January of 2019, and faced a 45 day hospital stay in Peoria. Too make matters worse, his 6th birthday was set to fall right in the middle of his stay. No one wants to spend their birthday in the hospital, so we put the wheel in motion! Jordan’s Joy accompanied their friend, and Kayden’s favorite superhero, Spiderman, armed with cake, cupcakes and presents to make the most epic 6th birthday possible! When Kayden got home from the hospital, we visited again, this time with a new puppy he named Minnie, and all of the things a puppy needs to grow big and strong. Kayden will continue treatment over the next 2 years, but with his new best friend Minnie, and Jordan’s Joy in his corner we know he has this beat!

Meet Calvin!
stormshirtMeet Calvin, the true definition of a warrior! This brave lil guy is fighting a brain tumor, but he hasn’t let that dim his light one bit. Calvin has been battling for over a year, and in that time has become one of our dear friends and one of our biggest fans. He and his family have volunteered, shared our mission, and have brought us more JOY than we could have imagined! We have gotten to do many special things with Calvin, including sending our super hero friends to his school to wish him a Happy Birthday💚 This past summer, Jordan’s Joy was honored to send Calvin and his family on a VIP trip to see his St Louis Cardinals. Calvin spent the weekend in the Cardinal owner’s penthouse suite at the Hilton across from the ballpark, got to go on the field with some of the players, visit the City Museum, and MORE! We are inspired by his brave spirit and are so lucky with the amount of joy he’s brought us.


Meet Leon!
LeonLook at who played “CEO” for the day! Leon is a spunky “almost two” year old that stole our hearts this Fall! When Leon was born, his family learned that he had a rare form of mesablostic nephroma which is a disease the affects the renal system. As a result, at only 6 days old, he underwent surgery to remove his kidney and hopefully stop the disease from spreading any further. Since that time, doctors discovered that another form of cancer was attacking and destroying the bones in Leon’s leg. He is currently sporting the coolest little boot on his leg that we have ever seen, but that certainly has not slowed him down! He is running around and causing your typical 2 year old havoc, and that makes us all happy! Leon is currently undergoing treatment at St. Jude’s where doctors are hopeful they can treat his cancer and not have to amputate his leg. Because of the immense financial burdens placed on this family with mom having to donate all of her time to his care, we were thrilled to make a donation to help ease their worries,  and allow this family to concentrate on his health and healing. We are all rooting for you big guy!

Meet Will!
WillSix-year-old Will Kohn was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a birth defect in which the left side of the heart—the area that pumps oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body—is underdeveloped.
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome is rare. Left untreated, most newborn babies with this congenital heart defect survive only a few days. In this case, it was detected during pregnancy. Will had his first open heart surgery at just 6 days old, and had 4 additional open-heart surgeries, including one to have a VAD (Berlin heart) placed. He had numerous procedures, tests, and countless hospital stays. As you can imagine, the medical and associated bills were enormous. Jordan’s Joy was able to give this family $10,000 to help ease the burden a bit, and allowed for more time for his mom and dad to stay by his side in the hospital throughout his battles. Will received his new heart in September of 2017, but unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer the following January. He passed away shortly after. Will was one of the fiercest warriors we have ever met, and we will forever be inspired by him.


Meet Tessa!
TessaThis beautiful young lady was taken from us all too soon. On October 23rd, just a week shy of her 16th birthday, Tessa passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by her family. For 12 long months Tessa bravely battled Glioblastoma brain cancer. Throughout her struggle, she remained fierce and spunky, and continued to inspire those around her. Jordan’s Joy was able to gift her family with a donation they used to buy Tessa a puppy, something she had wanted her entire life. In her last few months with us, her puppy brought her great JOY and the will to keep moving forward. While we will miss her so much on this earth, we will never forget the gift she gave this world. Rest in peace sweet Tessa… we will miss your smile always.


Meet Carter and Cooper!
carterandcooperCuteness squared!! Have you ever seen a studlier pair? Carter and Cooper were born in January of 2016, coming 11 weeks early, and ready for battle. They spent the first two months of their little lives in Iowa City growing stronger everyday. It was certainly a challenge, with mom spending all of her time in the hospital with them, and dad working here in the Quad Cities, and traveling back and forth to them every chance he could. Having one healthy child can be a challenge in itself, but having two, requiring specialized care only a hospital can provide is almost too much for anyone to handle, but they did it!  Jordan’s Joy was able to provide them with a gas card to ease some of the travel burdens, and with the assistance of Two CaveGirls Paleo Meal Service, mom and dad had a month’s worth of healthy and prepared meals ready to go. They were able to leave the “cooking” to us, and concentrate on bonding as a family. Even though they are focused on growing bigger and stronger every day, Carter and Cooper, and their mom and dad continue to give back to us, having organized and sponsored fundraisers. Now THAT is truly spreading JOY!


Meet Noah!
Noah was diagnosed with epileptic drop seizures in October of 2014. The seizures have slowed his development and have taken away parts of his vision. Noah attends physical therapy once a week, and was encouraged to get a service dog. The service dog would stay by Noah at all times, and among many other things, alert his family to any seizures that Noah may have. When we heard about Noah, and saw that sweet smile, we could not wait to help! Jordan’s Joy donated $1000 to Noah and his family, and with the help of the community and the dedication and drive of the Moline Police Department, Noah is getting his dog!
Meet Rafa!
Rafa is a strong little warrior with 3 brothers that are also his best friends! On October 1st, 2015, he was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, which resulted in Rafa losing his eye. He started chemo treatments just a few weeks later, and has since received his prosthetic eye which is etched with his favorite Ninja Turtle! 🙂 Rafa has many skills that will help him in his battle including a strong character and great sense of humor… and of course crazy awesome ninja skills! Jordan’s Joy provided the family with a $4000 donation to arm them in their battles. Cowabunga and Turtle Power lil ninja!
Meet Brenden!
BrendenBrenden made national headlines when he spread a little JOY to a customer in need while working at Whitey’s in Moline. Out of his own pocket, he bought a customer her ice cream after noticing she was very visibly upset, but not knowing why. A few days later, she shared that she had recently lost her husband. Brenden’s small act of kindness went VIRAL and not only touched her heart, but ours, and many many people’s across the country as well. But sadly, the story does not end there….In December, while prepping for the holidays, and still riding the high from his story going viral, they were given the life changing news that he was beginning his cancer battle. Cancer should never happen to ANYONE, let alone a young man who should be worried about prom dates, and homework, and football games instead of a chemo regimen, ports, infections, fevers, and hospital stays. We were stoked to provide this local hero with a check for $4000, some of which, went to a well deserved family vacation where they were able to forget about illness and hospitals, and focus on being a family. Brenden is currently cancer free and enjoying high school and being a teenager. Keep it up Brenden!

Meet Olivia!
OliviaWell, it’s not hard to see how Princess Olivia stole our hearts! Olivia was diagnosed with congenital pseudarthrosis of the fibula. It’s a condition where the bone breaks very easily, and takes an incredibly long time to heal…. if it heals at all. Jordan’s Joy was able to donate $7500 to Olivia and her family to ensure they were able to travel to Florida to have a much needed procedure called a Zometa infusion. Florida is one of the few places in the country that performs this procedure and it wasn’t a question if we could get her there, but when! In addition to the initial surgery, she will have to go back for follow-ups and hardware removal as her bones heal. As for now, Olivia is doing well and going to physical therapy to get her strength built up.  She was able to start preschool this Fall, and continues to brighten the day of everyone she comes into contact with. Way to go Olivia!


Meet Noah!

NoahNoah is the kind of kid that can brighten any day. He is an amazing 13 year old who loves life and has a heart of gold, and despite his challenges, is always looking out for, and thinking of others. He was born with Spastic Quadriplegia, which is a progressive form of Cerebral Palsy. He will soon have to trade in his manual wheelchair for a power one, due to the advancing state of his condition. Noah’s family recently purchased a new home, which allows for him to be independent on the inside because of the increased space, but presented a challenge getting him in and out due to the stairs leading into it. That’s where Jordan’s Joy came in! Not only where we able to provide the family with the funds needed to build the outside ramp, and add a lift to their vehicle, BUT, we also surprised Noah with a BIG shopping spree at one of his favorite stores…. GAMESTOP!!! The store opened early, and in no time, Noah had a new Playstation 4, and plenty of video games. He even picked out special games for his brother and sister…. no wonder Noah is a big time QC Celeb now… his smile and positive attitude are out of this world!