This lil cutie pie is Bennett, watch out though, he will STEAL your heart the instant you meet him!
Bennett is 8 months old, and has Trisomy 18. According to his mom, “he keeps getting stronger and is able to hold his head up better and is making good progress with other motor skills. He loves to be talked to and usually has a lot to say back. He loves sucking on his thumb, snuggles, and tickles or kisses on his neck or belly.” Ahhhhh he is precious!!!
Jordan’s Joy knew we wanted to do something special for Bennett and his family, and in speaking with them learned they have made several trips over the years to a very special cabin in Minnesota. They were wanting to take Bennett this year, and try to get in a little relaxation and peace with him in one of the most beautiful spots in the world…. but were not sure if that would even be a possibility this year.
Say no more, we could not wait to help!! We were thrilled to help make this happen for the family, and secured their cabin, and a few groceries to help make the trip as memorable, and stress free as possible. They just came back last week, and by all accounts had a great time!
Thank you to our wonderful donors for helping us spread JOY to this sweet little fighter and his beautiful family.